"Thanks for all your help.  I was at the point where I had given up on having a healthy relationship with my daughters.  Working with you has given me the tools on how to be a better parent and have a closer relationship with my children." Mike C.

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt I had an angel on my shoulder when I took the step to explore coaching and became your client.  Your support and guidance gave me permission to let go of unexpected emotions that I didn’t realize I had.  Thank you for giving me the gift of finding myself again."  Randall C.

"You have helped me through the darkest time of my life.  I have learned so many things about myself and my strengths than I ever imagined I would."    Aimee A.

"We cannot thank you enough for helping our family.  Even though we are divorced, we had to learn ways to communicate with each other to be the best parents we could be.  We learned that we were still a family, just in a different way."
Cynthia & Stephen W.



"When I got divorced after 32 years of marriage I thought my life was over.  I had no idea how difficult the recovery process was going to be. The tools I've learned from your coaching have had an intense effect on my ability to move forward. Your divorce coaching process has been extremely helpful in helping me see where I was stuck and what I needed to do to move forward.  Thank you so much! " Bob L.

"I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching and I didn’t have much hope at the time of my divorce.  I found Susie to be my safety zone and a place to talk about the emotional rollercoaster I had been on.  She helped me with the practical stuff I needed to think about and deal with my reality instead of avoiding it." Andrea S.

"I had been divorced for 10 years and wanted to be involved in a healthy relationship.  Susie was instrumental in helping me identify where I was stuck and how my anger at my ex-husband was actually keeping me from having a healthy relationship."  Kim T.