If Divorce is Inevitable...

The process during and after divorce can leave some people feeling emotionally bankrupt. Divorce doesn't have to be an adversarial process where there are winners and losers. There are other alternatives such as collaborative divorce or mediation.

Our coaching services are focused on helping you figure out and manage the practical realities of your divorce and life after divorce.

COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE ("CD") is a way of going through the divorce process which minimizes the emotional impact on the family with the help of a team of trained professionals.

CD is a process where legal, emotional and financial elements are addressed by a team of professionals, retained by the couple, to resolve the issues surrounding their divorce. This method of divorce allows the couple of make the decisions that will affect their future, their changing relationships and their family, not the court system.


A collaborative team consists of professionals who are trained in the collaborative divorce process, and is made up of:

  • 2 attorneys, one for each spouse
  • 2 divorce coaches, one for each spouse (licensed mental health professionals)
  • 1 financial specialist
  • 1 child specialist (licensed mental health professional)

CD can be a much more cost effective way to divorce because each professional is trained in collaborative divorce and focuses their area of expertise with the clients and with the team.

Attorney time is not spent on emotional issues, nor on spending time going to court. There is one neutral financial expert for the couple, not two financial people duplicating the same work. And the coaches and child specialist concentrate on the emotional needs of the family.

MEDIATION is a process where there is a neutral mediator that represents both parties. The mediator does not go to court and works with the couple to determine the outcome of their divorce, separation of assets and parenting plans. Mediation is a good choice when both parties feel they have a balanced understanding of their relationship, finances and assets. If one party feels intimated or not as educated in the financial aspects of their married life, collaborative divorce may be a better alternative.

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